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Bow legs correction exercise

Bow legs is such a condition in which knees of an individual stay wide apart when a person stands with holding the

feet and ankles together.


Treatment options under such circumstances include braces, or in some cases even surgery is required to correct

these abnormalities.

Most of the people assume that the only way to straighten up their bow legs is having a surgery.

But its already have been established that surgery is risky as well as of high cost to straighten up bow legs.

There are many other serious risks prone to it, such as removing or breaking of certain bones or bone infection,

Nerve damage and Metal clamps on your legs. But the bottom line is that it’s not the only option.

What is Bow Legs No More?

Well, in aspect of the knowledge there’s a great system called “Bow Legs No More”. It is for sure a special system

which gradually straightens up your legs. And the best part is that it’s 100% natural and completely safe.

All which is required is to follow the step-by-step directions.


Bow leg correction exercises can be the best way to to straighten bow legs and are designed to improve their structure.

Some of them are mentioned below:

Leg strengthening exercises:

bow legs correction exercise

This exercise is specially aimed at strengthen up muscles covering the knee area.

These are intended in the reduction of the Bow Legs on the areas of tendons and joints and ultimately

improve the bow legs.

These bow leg correction exercises are only intended for cases that are slight.

In this case, you have to lie flat on the bench and by bending at the knee and you have to put a ten pound

weight between your feet.

Finally bend your legs until unless you touch your butt and the at last extend your legs.

Massage Therapy Exercises

If you are eager in learning of how to correct the bow legs of your sweet children,

than you might be pleased to know that all the physical therapists use massage therapy to help

straightening the bow legs.

The process includes the movement of child’ legs in a repeatedly forth and backward position for

a prolonged time. This massage therapy enables you to correct the child’s bow legs.


Yoga is certainly not an easiest way of exercises to perform,

but the yoga postures attained during the exercise are of great idea in improving the body’s flexibility,

alignment and manages to attain a leg free of bow.

While some of the popular yoga poses are a deep challenge for some of the people having bow legs,

but using yoga enables them to correct the posture and is a way of cure for their bow legs.

For learning that how to correct bow legs by yoga, first of all by using a yoga strap in order to bind legs.

And then, you can try some of the yoga poses such as forward bending or cow face.

You can check out how to choose Yoga classes for beginners


Pilates are similar in many cases to yoga and they are well-effective in the improvement of all your vital

muscles, realignment of the body and correcting bow legs and your posture.

Some of the exercises which include ballerina arms can also provide you a power to tone up legs,

and to develop muscles in your abdomen. You have to lift both of the legs up and lay down on your back.

Then, by keeping your legs near to each other you have to move them in upward and downward direction.

Now lift the upper part off the ground by tightening the abdominal muscles.

Practicing Pilates is good to fix bow leg.

The best Bow legs correction exercise systeme

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